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  • Berita Hiburan Korea

    Kite ingat nak share ngan korang berita terkini pasal hiburan Korea tak kira
    lah pasal pelakon, penyanyi atau lain-lain. Kebanyakan artikel berita dari
    Korea (dlm bahasa inggeris) atau suratkabar tempatan. Tapi kalau ada
    request nak tau pasal aktiviti/berita terbaru artis yang diminati bolehlah PM
    kat kite nanti kita carikan

    Monday May 16, 2005

    Hello, Hallyu

    A new rage is sweeping East Asia, and its name is Hallyu: Korean wave. THAM AI MEI rides its crest to find out about the new ‘soft power’ of the former Land Of Morning Calm.

    DETRACTORS dismiss them for being mushy, overdrawn and draggy. But that doesn’t stop hardboiled fans such as Felicia Tan from lapping them up. The 25-year-old has been a fan of South Korean soaps since she watched Winter Sonata, the smash TV series in the vanguard of Hallyu (Korean wave) that has swept East Asia.

    “Korean dramas have love stories that are more compelling,” opined Tan. “In the shows, the love between a guy and a girl is very pure and everlasting. If they fall in love, it’s for always.”

    The dramas can lose the plot at times, Tan admits. But they touch on a fast disappearing aspect of life in Asia, according to The Korea Herald: filial piety, old-fashioned romance and male chivalry.

    Winter Sonata, starring Bae Yong Jun (left) and Choi Ji Woo, marked the beginning of the Hallyu phenomenon.
    These values appeal to fans, especially women, across the region, and have become not only a foreign exchange earner.

    They have – in movies, TV series and even music – turned South Korea into East Asia’s newest “soft power”, the 21st century yardstick of a country’s cultural influence.

    “I have bought VCD collections of series like All In, All About Eve, Stairway To Heaven and Glass Shoes,” says the bubbly Tan. “I wouldn’t mind watching reruns of the show because, to me, South Korean dramas really touch the heart.”

    Just about 10 years ago, South Korea hardly registered on the entertainment radar.

    Couch potatoes and film buffs alike had not heard of any Korean stars, let alone movies. The void was largely due to heavy censorship in the country – still in the first throes of democracy – and a restriction on exports.

    But the industry got a shot in the arm, thanks to a liberal ratings system and a renewed appetite for home-grown movies and soaps. The change in public taste and softer guidelines have enabled South Korean productions to grab about 60% of box-office takings since.

    The breakout of Hallyu began early in the millennium, with thrillers such as Whisper Of The Heart. In Malaysia, the Korean Wave broke with box-office hits such as Shiri.

    It has become a cross-cultural phenomenon, appealing not only to the Chinese community, but also the Malays, who lap up horror hits such as The Phone, and are just as savvy about South Korean stars such as Won Bin or Lee Jung Jae.

    It is, however, on the living-room box that Hallyu is having the biggest impact. According to Raymond Ong of PMP Entertainment (which distributes South Korean gems like Jewel in the Palace and Winter Sonata), the sales of South Korean drama serials have been impressive.

    “The VCD sales of Jewel has reached about 80% of our target figure,” Ong happily disclosed. “I think the main reason why South Korean dramas sell so well is due to the good-looking actors.”

    He also said that Winter Sonata – the series that has turned Bae Yong Jun into a household name among 40something Japanese women and launched the Korean Wave – being an evergreen favourite, is still a hot seller.

    There’s another simple reason for the phenomenal takeoff of Korean entertainment: good looks and talent, in that order.

    Bae Yong Jun has been bestowed the honour of being “male Yonsama” (“sama” being an honorific term ) while actress Lee Young Ae is being hailed as the female Yonsama.

    Across other parts of Asia, television hunks like An Jae Wook and Jang Dong Gun have their posters plastered all over the room walls of female fans, both young and old. Pretty starlets like Song Hye Kyo and Kim Hee Seon also raise the temperature among hotblooded young men.

    There are regional variations in taste, of course.

    In China, Jeon Ji Hyeon (of My Sassy Girl fame) is the current favourite while in Hong Kong, Choi Ji Woo of Winter Sonata fame is voted as one of the hottest South Korean actresses.

    Where movie stars go, singers are not far behind.

    K-pop (short for Korean pop, or Gayo in Korean), hasn’t had the same impact as Taiwan bubblegum in Malaysia yet.

    But in Hong Kong and Japan, boy bands like Shinhwa and bubblegum popsters BoA and Hyori have outranked Japanese pop stars not just in terms of popularity, but also in the fashion stakes.

    In a survey conducted by the Korea National Tourism Organisation (KNTO) in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, teenagers, 20somethings and housewives are the groups most enthralled by Hallyu.

    Spillover effects

    “The best thing about Korean shows is the beautiful backdrops,” enthuses Yap May Tean, 25. Her fascination with Hallyu began with the series Hotelier. “My favourite is Jewel in the Palace because it truly has something different to offer . I especially like the cultural aspect of it, and the food is something that interests me very much as well!”

    The spin-off from Hallyu is a surge of interest in Koreana, and increasing tourist arrivals in South Korea. Since one of the hallmarks of a good Korean soap is its breathtaking backdrops, many soapies have been flocking to the shooting locations, just to soak in the surroundings made familiar by sitting through hours of drama.

    According to the same survey, respondents cited visiting a drama set as their main reason for wanting to visit South Korea.

    After Autumn In My Heart, Abai Village in Sokcho as well as places like Phoenix Park Resort and Daegwallyeong farm saw an increase in its numbers of visitors. Winter Sonata resulted in shooting locations like Namiseom and Yongpyeong Ski Resort turning into tourist hotspots.

    Tourist officials have, of course, cannily roped into many of the new South Korean idols as spokespeople for come-to-South Korea ads. And if the jingles sound familiar to a fan’s ears, they hear right: many are theme songs from the drama serials.

    According to Claudia Wong of Pan Malaysia Travel And Tours, South Korean tours have been booming for about two years now.

    “The extensive promotional campaigns have certainly done wonders for the industry,” Wong said. During the recent MATTA fair, huge booths were set up for the promotion of South Korean tours as well.

    According to her, the surge in South Korean tours started soon after Winter Sonata was shown. Certainly, most of the tours in recent times have a “drama theme”. For example, Pan Malaysia offers visits to famous filming sites like Daejangkum and Nami Island.

    Booming alongside the tourism industry is the heightened appreciation for Korean fashion, culture and even cuisine. Some Japanese K-pop fans have even started learning Korean and have been seen holding up message boards scrawled with Korean words during some pop concerts.

    Of course, naysayers predict that Hallyu will soon die off as there is too much reliance on good-looking stars alone. Unless the film industry gains a bigger market share and more solid domestic backing, the world’s fascination with all things Korean might just very well come to an abrupt halt.

    Sumber: The Star Online

    Sekian, terima kasih

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    Re: Berita Hiburan Korea

    ermmm..aper kate ko summarize kn sket kesahh atas nie...hehehe..pnjg sgt laa..
    x larat aku nk bukak kamus..

    by d way..
    Hallyu - Hally...ngeeeeeee...korea jugak kn?


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      Re: Berita Hiburan Korea

      aku lebih suke japanese dari korea punya filem/drama. Korea punya cerita jiwang sangat, touching habis(sambil memegang kedua-dua belah pipi). Lawak citer korea aku takleh nak figure. Bad english translation kot..


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        Re: Berita Hiburan Korea

        drama korea yg aku dah tgk predictable. kalau hero kaya, awek miskin gila vice versa. mcm cite hindi pun ada..tapi pelakon dia gebu˛ lagi aa hehe prefer cite jepung gak.

        tapi ost drama korea ada gak best˛ ngeh ngeh


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          Re: Berita Hiburan Korea

          anybody knows title cerita korea last monday kat tv3 10pm ?

          lee young ae !!


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            Re: Berita Hiburan Korea

            apsal dah x bnyk cite korea kat tv ek...kalo ader pon kat tv2...tapi x best ah..last aku tgk kat 8tv tajuk dia the prince and me kol 7(aku rase salah tajuk dia..hentam jela labu..)


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              Re: Berita Hiburan Korea

              Originally posted by bjoe
              anybody knows title cerita korea last monday kat tv3 10pm ?

              lee young ae !!
              Kalau tak silap kite, MOVIE tu "The Untold Scandal" yg ada Bae Yong Jun tu

              -->HallyHyper: x sama lah... Erm tak reti lah nak buat summary.

              Reported in Money Today Star News 5/12/05:

              Singer/actor Lee Ji Hoon to act in (or challenge) action noir.

              According to source close to Lee Ji Hoon, at the earliest, Lee Ji Hoon will
              start filming action noir ‘Sweet Dream’ as the lead at the end of next month;
              a verbal agreement has been made. Lee Ji Hoon was the lead in ‘Wet Dream
              2’ and ‘Lovely Rivals’ but this will be his first action role.

              ‘Sweet Dream’ is about conflict between Korean organization and Japanese
              Yakuza. Lee Ji Hoon character joins the Korean organization because of his
              friend and ends up embroiled in the conflict.

              Lee Ji Hoon’s friend character has not been cast.

              The source said, “Lee Ji Hoon has been learning boxing and martial art in
              preparation for the role”.

              Lee Ji Hoon has been resting since the end of ‘Wonderful Life’ and will be
              traveling to Malaysia for fashion photo shoot at the
              end of the month.

              X-tra info: Lee JiHoon is a solo singer. He has released 5 albums until now.
              Last time he did a project album with his best friends, Kangta [ex-H.O.T]
              and Shin Hyesung [Shinhwa member who has just released his own solo
              album] as "S". Besides that, he acts in dramas and a few movies as well.

              Credit: rxgoodleaf@ Lee Jee Hoon Actor/Singer, Currently on Wonderful Life/Solo+Group S (Soompi) ++ adikkeluangman
              Sekian, terima kasih


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                Re: Berita Hiburan Korea

                Originally posted by Araphats
                aku lebih suke japanese dari korea punya filem/drama. Korea punya cerita jiwang sangat, touching habis(sambil memegang kedua-dua belah pipi). Lawak citer korea aku takleh nak figure. Bad english translation kot..
                sama la dgn aku ..cite japanese aku suka gak..boleh lagi la ..tapi cite korea tak leh langsung..satu episod cite korea pun aku tak pernah habis tgok..apesal ntah ..hero dia mcm control ayu kot..


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                  Re: Berita Hiburan Korea

                  Originally posted by castagnet
                  sama la dgn aku ..cite japanese aku suka gak..boleh lagi la ..tapi cite korea tak leh langsung..satu episod cite korea pun aku tak pernah habis tgok..apesal ntah ..hero dia mcm control ayu kot..
                  hallo u all....kepada sesapa yg minat hiburan dari korea...silalah ke website nih:

                  ada banyak info pasal pelakon dan drama korea...korang jugak boleh belajar cara2 nak download drama/filem korea&jepun..(kalo korang ada streamyx laa)
                  :mc: :mc: :mc: :mc:


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                    Re: Berita Hiburan Korea

                    Kat sini pun banyak info. Sila klik.

                    Korean Drama

                    Korean Movies


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                      Re: Berita Hiburan Korea

                      ni keputusan the 41st baeksang arts awards semlm kategori drama...

                      Lovers in Paris

                      Best Drama
                      Sorry, I Love You

                      Best Actor
                      So Ji Sub (Sorry, I Love You)

                      Best Actress
                      Kim Jung Eun (Lovers In Paris)

                      Best New Actor
                      Eric (New Employee)

                      Best New Actress
                      Lee Dae Hae

                      Best new director

                      Best script
                      Lover in Paris

                      Best director
                      The Immortal Lee Soon Shin


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                        Re: Berita Hiburan Korea

                        Kyesang - Best New Actor (Movie) [41st Baeksang Award 050520]

                        Kyesang oppa. I love you!

                        Left to right
                        Back row: Eric [Shinhwa], Kang Dongwon, Jo Insung, So Jisup, ?, Yoon Kyesang
                        Front row: Kim Dongwan [Shinhwa], Lee Dahee, Jo Seungwoo, Kim Hyesoo, Kim Jungeun, Kim Taehui

                        Kredit: Takki_Aniki @ g.o.d soompi thread.

                        Confirm: Bae Yong Jun datang Malaysia 10 Ogos 2005
                        x confirm: Lee Dong Gun datang Malaysia bulan ni!

                        Sekian, terima kasih.


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                          Re: Berita Hiburan Korea

                          Shin Sung-woo Named Goodwill Ambassador to New

                          May 26, 2005

                          Singer/actor Shin Sung-woo has been named the goodwill ambassador to New
                          Zealand. Shin received his appointment certificate from New Zealand's
                          ambassador to Korea at a dinner that was held at the Hyatt Hotel on May 25.

                          The New Zealand embassy officials said they chose Shin because of his
                          unpretentious and unique image that fits well with the pristine image of their
                          country. They also added that although Shin may look unapproachable or hard to
                          bond with, he is a charming person in actuality, with the unlimited potential to
                          transform others' lives.

                          Shin will contribute to raising public awareness about New Zealand in Korea by
                          participating in various events highlighting the culture of the island nation. It was
                          reported that one of the biggest reasons Shin was selected as the goodwill
                          ambassador was his appearance in a TV commercial for the New Zealand kiwi
                          brand, “Zespri.”

                          "We recommended Shin to the New Zealand embassy because he is very fond of
                          New Zealand as a country where nature is preserved in its original state," said a
                          person from Zespri.

                          Credit: KBS Global News


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                            Re: Berita Hiburan Korea

                            mamat atas ni nampak cam sombong jer ek? tapi sekali dia senyum... adesss...
                            Last edited by rienn; 30-05-05, 01:29 PM.


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                              Re: Berita Hiburan Korea

                              Rain Poised to Advance to U.S.
                              May 31, 2005

                              Top artist Rain, who received an award[NEWS] Rain Poised to Advance to
                              U.S. at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2005 on May 29, said in an
                              interview on May 30 that he is now poised to establish his presence in the
                              U.S. Rain gave the interview at the Capital Doku Hotel in Japan, where he
                              has been staying to participate in the MTV VMAJ 2005 and promote his
                              new album.

                              "I received an award at the MTV Asia Aid in Thailand earlier in February, and this
                              time at the MTV VMAJ 2005. My next goal is to win an award at the MTV China
                              Awards in August. I hope this ‘MTV Grand Slam’ will serve as a springboard for my
                              advancement to the American market," said Rain.

                              Rain won the “Favorite Artist of Korea” award at the MTV Asia Aid, which was held
                              Feb. 3 in Thailand, and the “Best Buzz Asia from Korea” award at the MTV VMAJ
                              2005 on May 29.

                              "MTV Asia awards are highly regarded in the U.S. I heard it is much easier to make
                              inroads into the U.S. market after completing the ‘MTV Grand Slam,’ which will be
                              possible if I win an MTV China award as well," said Rain.

                              Rain also added that he once again felt how talented Korean artists are at the MTV
                              VMAJ 2005, saying that artists such as Hui-sung and Park Hyo-shin have strong
                              potential to receive recognition from MTV.

                              Rain, who is riding high in popularity in Japan, China and Thailand, has emerged as
                              a rising “world star” and is soon to record several songs with “hip-hop queen” Lil’

                              "I am still making first steps toward becoming a globally renowned artist.
                              Fortunately, audiences like my songs. And I feel the urgent need to speak English
                              fluently. Strong English skills would be of great help in terms of communication
                              and my career," said Rain.

                              Rain will give concerts at the Tokyo International Forum July 30-31 and the Osaka
                              Welfare Center Aug. 3-4.

                              Credit: KBS Global News