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Pro and Cons for Paid Traffic and SEO

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  • Pro and Cons for Paid Traffic and SEO

    Should you pay for traffic or should you use organic search engine optimization to bring people to your websites? Both strategies are extremely effective for many people and there are many affiliates making five figure commissions monthly using both strategies.

    Below I have listed the advantages and drawbacks of each strategy. Basically, it's a matter of weighing the pros and cons of each and deciding which one works best for your business.

    The Pros and Cons of Paid Traffic

    The biggest advantage of paid traffic is the quick feedback cycle.

    If you come up with a aweome idea, you can whip up a campaign in a day and within just a few days know whether or not your idea is succesful.

    It's instant - no waiting for authority, for backlinks, for pagerank or anything like that.

    You can also make tons of money very quickly. If crate a success campaign or a winning strategy and rev it up, you can quickly go from zero income to several thousand a month in just a few weeks.

    The bottom line, paid traffic is just much, much faster than SEO.

    The downside however is that the traffic often doesn't last as long as SEO. Other marketers can outbid you, or Google can out of the blue change their policies and completely shut down your campaign. Over 30,000 Adwords affiliates were banned in 2009, in the course of 4 months due to a change of policy.

    The other downside is that the chances of losing money in the beginning is extremely high. So if you choose paid traffic, you should have at least $500 to $1,000 that you'd don't mind losing. That'll allow you to test various products, ads and tactics without worrying about dipping into paying-the-bills money.

    The Pros and Cons of SEO

    SEO is a completely different strategy than search traffic.

    First, it won't happen overnight, it takes a long time. A successful site could take between a month to six months to rank for significant keywords.

    The feedback on your strategies are slow. You could come up with an idea that you think is fantastic and test it out - But you won't know the results for 3 months .

    To do well in SEO, you have to have a very long attention span. You need to be able to start projects and see them through to completion over several months.

    However, the major advantage to SEO is the consistency of the traffic. After you're ranked, assuming you're doing whitehat SEO, you'll likely have an income source for many years.

    You've built a real asset. Your site or blog won't disappear overnight, and neither will your traffic.

    SEO is very similar to or as close as you can get to passive income online. And PPC is very fast but very active income.

    So it depends on you, your available income for advertising and your personality to determine which strategy is best for your business. The two types of traffic will appeal to two very different kinds of people.