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Derma Tabung Palestin

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  • Derma Tabung Palestin


    Cheque payable to MERCY MALAYSIA
    CIMB Account No : 1424-000-6561053

    !!Latest updates!!

    Conflict in Pictures

    How you can help via Mercy Malaysia


    MERCY Malaysia to respond to humanitarian needs in Palestine

    Kuala Lumpur, 30 December 2008 - MERCY Malaysia will be deploying a team comprising medical surgeons and logistics personnel to Egypt in response to the humanitarian needs resulting from the recent Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip, which has so far killed more than 300 people and wounded more than 1500 people.

    This team, aimed at conducting a rapid assessment of the humanitarian needs, will be led by MERCY Malaysia President Datuk Dr. Jemilah Mahmood and Executive Council Member Norazam Ab Samah. They will be based at the Egyptian border town of Rafah to put together a logistic pipeline that will ensure that aid will be channelled to the proper parties in Gaza.

    The team will leave Kuala Lumpur for Egypt tonight.

    “MERCY Malaysia has the advantage of having reliable partners who are already based in Gaza and this will help expedite the aid that we will provide,” said Dr. Jemilah.
    “One of these partners is the UK-based NGO called Medical Aid for Palestinians – United Kingdom (MAP-UK). Through its office in Gaza, efforts have already begun to procure emergency surgical kits. MAP-UK's field officer in Gaza is working with the largest local hospital, Al-Shifa, to meet its overwhelming needs. However, the situation is, at best, bleak," Dr. Jemilah said.

    “We are also working closely with Al-Ahli Arab Hospital which has received aid from us before. Al-Ahli is a Christian-based hospital. As such we are hoping it will not be a primary target for attack.”

    “We are monitoring the situation closely and in communication with other organisations in the region. There has been a request for specialised surgeons to be based at the Egyptian border and we are answering that need by recruiting our volunteers who will be on standby for deployment,” she added.

    Following Dec 28 attacks, the hospitals ran out of space in its morgue, and has been forced to place the dead along its corridors and outside on the streets. Hospital wards are not only overwhelmed by the number of patients but are in dire need of resources including morphine, alcohol and plastic gloves.

    At the same time, Dr Jemilah urged the Hamas to exercise restraint. “We also urge the world leaders and the United Nations Security Council to step up and demand a ceasefire on both sides," she said.

    So far,one United Nations Relief worker and eight trainees are among the casualties reported. 62 women and children were also confirmed killed and the number was likely higher.

    “We condemn this collective punishment on the people of Palestine. We are very concerned about the humanitarian impact this action has caused,” Dr. Jemilah said.
    MERCY Malaysia is launching an emergency appeal to provide additional medicine and hospital equipment for the people of Gaza. Concerned Malaysians may donate to the Palestine Relief Fund through MERCY Malaysia. For more information, please contact 03-22733999 or log on to .

    How you can help by Islamic Relief Malaysia.

    Gaza Emergency Update

    Israeli airstrikes continued on Gaza throughout Saturday night and into Sunday afternoon. The death toll of the attacks rose to 285, with 900 injured 180 seriously so. These numbers are expected to rise with the continuation of this strike and the inability of the Gaza medical capacity to cope with the overload of the causalities. According to the BBC this attack is considered to be the worst in Gaza since 1967 in terms of the number of Palestinian causalities and the scale of the Israeli bombardment. According to news agencies on the ground there is a strong wave of air raids every single hour. The news report shows that the Isralei army has destroyed 40 smuggling tunnels between Gaza Strip and Egypt. This might deprive the Strip from its only supply channel for food, fuel, etc…

    Great Need

    The Islamic Relief-Palestine Needs Assessment team in coordination with MOH in Gaza assessed the urgent needs in the hospitals and PHC centres. So far, the hospitals are not capable of dealing with the increasing number of the causalities in short time. Considering the chronic medical needs resulted from the previous siege (for medical tools, equipments and medicine), now the needs became more urgent and more critical. The urgent requirements have been assessed as follow:
    • 1 mobile X-ray machine
    • Maintenance of the existing 5 sterilization machines.
    • 5 new central sterilization machines.
    • 500 oxygen cylinders
    • ICU beds, Fully equipped
    • 5 Anastasia machines
    • 100 Syringe pump
    • 100 Infusion pump
    • 5 Operations tables with their lights for opening new operation rooms
    • 10 Blood Gas machine with its converter
    • 30 normal beds
    • 5 Intensive Care ambulances
    • Normal ambulances (where 40 % of existing are depreciated)
    • More generators for the hospitals (KVA 200, KVA100, KVA 50, KVA 600)
    • 5 Washing machines for clothes and other drying machines for Gaza Strip ICUs
    "50% of ambulances are depreciated due to lack of spare parts. 105 type of medicine are not available in MoH stores and also there is still shortage of 225 types of disposables"; said the Minister of Health in Gaza Strip.

    Due to severe shortage of cooking gas, households in Gaza who can afford rising prices are buying Gasoline burners, mud ovens for bread baking and small generators. Gasoline burners have increased in price six folds, the cost of a mud oven has doubled. Worth to mention that queues for bred, is as long as 200 people.


    The majority of families rely on candles for lighting during power blackouts. For the fifth consecutive week, no fuel for standby generators or transport or petrol for private transport was allowed into Gaza. The Israeli authorities denied entry to petrol since the first week of November except one time for one day last Friday.

    Water and sewage services continue to be severely constrained by shortages of fuel, chemicals for sterilization and spare parts. All services have been affected and one and a quarter million people receive piped drinking water less than once a day as a consequence.

    One good news is that the IR-PAL has confirmed that passage of relief items through Egypt border to Gaza has been approved. As a result Qatar relief supplies have entered into Gaza.
    Islamic Relief’s Actions
    • Five trucks of medical supplies (around $126,000) have been delivered to the needy hospitals.
    • IR-PAL started responding yesterday by providing medical tools to the hospitals such as: Laporatomy sponge, Gauze, VICRYL, Hypodermic needle, Splint Kramer, Latex sterille surgical Gloves, Endotracheal Tube oral and Bandage plaster of paris with quantities and various sizes.
    IR-PAL is arranging for a coordination meeting tomorrow with WHO and all other NGOs operating in Gaza, meeting to be held at IR-PAL office (11:00 am).
      • IR-PAL’s need assessment team in coordination with MOH–Gaza have prepared a list of the urgent medical tools and equipments needed.
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    Re: Palestine Relief Fund


    Maybank today offered the use of its network and electronic delivery channels to help raise funds for the NSTP Fund for Gaza.

    Members of the public who wish to contribute to the Fund can do so at any of the bank's branches nationwide, through M2U (, KawanKu phone banking, cash/cheque deposit achines or the more than 2,700 KawanKu ATMs nationwide. The Maybank account number for the NSTP Fund for Gaza is A/C: 514105-320501.
    Maybank President and CEO Dato' Sri Abdul Wahid Omar said, "We are pleased to once again work with the NSTP Group and offer our banking channels for a humanitarian cause. It is our expression of concern and corporate responsibility to play our part in supporting this appeal. Our banking channels provide a convenient means for members of the public to join in the fund raising efforts."

    In addition to this, Dato' Sri Abdul Wahid said Maybank has also launched an internal donation drive amongst its employees in Malaysia to collect funds for the NST Fund for Gaza. All Maybank employees and their families have been encouraged to contribute voluntarily for this worthy cause.

    "This drive is under our employee volunteerism initiative "Cahaya Kasih", where employees are encouraged to demonstrate the Group's core values of teamwork and relationship building by reaching out to communities in need," he said.

    Dato' Sri Abdul Wahid added that Maybank has over the years, offered its branch network and electronic channels to support a number of public fund raising efforts for either charity or humanitarian needs, leveraging on its wide network reach and customer base. These include fund raising for the victims of the tsunami tragedy as well as the earthquakes in Iran and Sumatra.

    Members of the public may call Tel 1-300-88-6688 or logon to for further information.


    ps: thanks to kak Yanti (misscordelia) for the info
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      Re: Jom bantu umat Islam Palestin - Palestine Relief Fund

      Sistem perbankan bantu orang ramai hulur sumbangan

      KUALA LUMPUR: Tabung NSTP Untuk Gaza kelolaan kumpulan akhbar The New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd (NSTP) mendapat perhatian Maybank yang menawarkan rangkaian dan sistem penyampaian elektroniknya bagi memudahkan orang ramai menyalurkan sumbangan.

      Maybank bekerjasama dengan menawarkan rangkaian perbankan untuk memudahkan penderma sama ada menerusi cawangan bank itu di seluruh negara,, perbankan telefon KawanKu, mesin deposit cek/tunai atau di lebih 2,700 mesin pengeluaran wang automatik (ATM).

      Presiden dan Ketua Eksekutifnya, Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar, berkata usaha NSTP membantu rakyat Palestin yang teraniaya akibat pencerobohan Israel di Semenanjung Gaza sangat bermakna dan diharap kemudahan yang disediakan akan menambah jumlah kutipan.

      "Sebagai syarikat korporat, ini tanggungjawab sosial kami kepada masyarakat yang memerlukan dengan mempermudahkan sistem penyampaian untuk menggalakkan orang ramai menghulurkan sumbangan mereka," katanya semalam.

      Sementara itu, RM34,323 lagi berjaya dikumpul menjadikan kutipan keseluruhan Tabung NSTP Untuk Gaza kepada RM318,643 setakat jam 5 petang semalam.

      Eksekutif Kanan, Unit Kebajikan NSTP, Aidah Nordin, berkata sejak dilancarkan Isnin lalu, kutipan bagi membantu meringankan penderitaan rakyat Palestin turut diterima daripada sektor korporat, individu dan badan kebajikan.

      Bagi mereka yang ingin menghulurkan bantuan, boleh disampaikan terus kepada Bahagian Kewangan NSTP, 31 Jalan Riong, 59100 Kuala Lumpur atau akaun Maybank 514105-320501, atas nama NSTP Fund For Gaza.

      Sumbangan juga boleh diserahkan kepada pejabat NSTP seluruh negara serta syarikat bersekutu NSTP iaitu TV3, 8tv, ntv7 dan TV9 selain rangkaian radio miliknya. Tabung NSTP Untuk Gaza dibuka sehingga 7 Februari ini.


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        Re: Derma Tabung Palestin

        Tak nak ke kite buat tabung gaza BDN then kita sumbangkan terus ke mana2 fund yg ada atas nama


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          Re: Derma Tabung Palestin

          yes judd.
          aku baru nak mencadangkan
          bagus jugak tuh.